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Clinton Massage is no longer accepting new clients unless referred by existing clients.


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Why choose us?

 Eclectic Massage – We use elements from multiple massage disciplines to give you the best possible results.  Whether you just want to relax, have a sports injury, or over-did it in the garden, we have the massage for you.

 Fresh Therapist – Your therapist has never given 5, 6, or more massages by the time you get yours.  A fresh therapist means a better massage.

 Table Time – Your hour is an hour of massage*.  Forms, questions, and dressing time do not count.  (*Late arrivals may get less time so we can give the next client their full hour.)

 Reiki– Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Our Reiki Master offers full Reiki treatments or can incorporate Reiki into your massage.

 Relaxation – We incorporate relaxation techniques to help you relax both mentally and physically.

 Hot Back – For the ultimate in pampering, we offer a 30 minute hot back massage.  More information is available here: Thermal Palms/Hot Back Massage 

 NLP – (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  In addition to relaxation methods, our certified NLP practitioner offers a full range of NLP services from assistance with quitting smoking to weight loss to sports performance enhancement.

 Discounts –Military, First responders, and their families always get 10% off.


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